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We have been able to gain a stretched out clientele on the basis of our finest quality with Widest Range of Chemicals Emulsifiers/Surfactants, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose , Poly Vinayl Alcohol (PVA), Monomers and Pearl-scent Pigments. We offer Hydroxyethyl Celluose for almost All application including Paint & Coating, wall-putty & tile Adhesive Mfg, polymer Emulsion Mfg, Cosmetic .Personal care and Pharma industry. We offer most of Chemicals used in Paint , textile and Lether Binders Mfg / BOPP Lamination, PSA Sticker Gum /Adhesive Mfg / & Pva emulsion manufacturers. We offer widest range Peral Pigments with fascinating Colours used Decorative & Texture Paint & Coating. Plastic Master batch Cosmetic Applications.

Owing to our Well Globally reputed Vendors , our firm caters to the demand of various industries which are as follows:
  • Paint and Printing Ink Mfg by our Chemicals / Emulsifiers /Pearl pigment.
  • Coating Industries including paper and leather Industry. by our Chemicals / Emulsifiers/ Pearl Pigment.
  • Plastic & Plastic Master Batch Mfg by our Pearl Pigment.
  • Cosmetics & personal Care/ Pharma Industries by our our Pearl Pigments/ Hydroxyethyl Cellulos.e
  • Pharma by Hydroxyethyl Cellulose.
  • Textile screen printing by our pearl Pigment and Chemicals.
  • Paint Binder / textile binders Lamination /Adhesive Mfg / Pva emulsion Mfg by our widest range of Monomers/ Chemicals/ HEC /Emulsifiers Surfactants.
  • Dairy and Agro Industry By our wide range of Emulsifiers and Chemicals.
  • Detergent Toiletries industry making Dishwasher soap cake and phenyl and other allied Cleaning products by Emulsifiers TRO , Acid Slurry ,Stpp Glycerine AOS SLES SLS and other chemicals.
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